Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Physical vs. Spiritual

So the other day I was having a meeting with the youth pastor's wife before church. As a new Christian I have been spending most of my time in the New Testament to learn about the Man who saved me. It made sense to explore what people had to say about what Jesus had done rather then focus on the history. However, the youth pastor's wife brought to my attention that the Old Testament is parallel to the New Testament, only the Old Testament is based on the physical and the New Testament is based on the spiritual. I almost understood when she used the example of Moses, but it wasn't until I started to read the Old Testament that it really dawned on me. When Moses is leading the Israelites' to the promised land God doesn't take them on the shortest route to the Promised Land; he knows that if "people are faced with a battle, they might change their minds and return to Egypt" (Exodus 15:17), and automatically any person, believer or not, would think "why in the world would they want to go back to Egypt where they are abused and dug into the ground." Right? Why would anyone want to go to such pain, suffering and hard work compared to the journey to The Promised Land, THEY MUST HAVE BEEN HIT ON THE HEAD OR SOMETHING! Well think about it, sometimes, being a slave could seem easier, you don't need to think, you're not accountable for your actions, you are ran and captured by other people, a slave; were you not a slave to sin before you were saved and redeemed by Christ? It seems it would be easier to not think and just follow the flesh's wants, you aren't accounted by your sins, you are ran and captured by sin, a slave. Is there not times of doubt when it seems to be easier to just forget about God? Of course there is. So the Israelites weren't completely insane, even though the love of God is greater than anything of this world, it seems easier to forget it, and not face the inner battle between flesh and spirit. Sometimes when I read the Old Testament I find myself yelling at the people in the Bible "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HOW DOES IT SEEM OKAY TO SLEEP WITH YOUR FATHER TO EXTEND A FAMILY BLOOD LINE???" but isn't that what God thinks when he sees us sin, "MEG WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING WITH THE AWFUL BOY?" He wants us to do well just as much as we want someone like Lot's daughters to do, when they decide to sleep with their drunken father. (Look Genesis 19: 30-38) God wants us to do well. So it is important to read ALL of the Bible, not just bits and pieces. The Old Testament is just as relevant to one's life as the New Testament. We just don't face the physical pain as much as the spiritual brokenness. As believers we are saved by the grace of God. Its amazing news! So go back through the Old Testament, find connections.

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