Monday, March 14, 2011

The Wind

So I know I haven't posted in a while. It's funny how life can just catch up with you at times. But I think I have my life pinned at the moment, so it won't be running away from me anytime soon. Today I was walking home from the bus and the wind was intense, but it got me thinking; it would be easier to just get a ride. I was wondering if the people in their cars knew how windy it is but it dawned on me. You can't see the wind, you can only feel it, and see it move other things, and occasionally hear it. It's like God, in a much lesser scale of course. The people sitting in their cars may seem to have it easier, but in reality I am getting to walk which over all is healthier, I'm not polluting the air or wasting gas. People sitting in their car get the instant gratification, but mostly its not healthy. It's like people that don't feel God or know him, or see him. If they would just look out of their little box they would see how God moves people and their lives, the way the wind moves trees or moves my hair. If people opened up their doors to what God has to offer, they would hear him, just like if people in their cars opened their doors, would hear the wind. And if they stepped out of their cars would feel the wind, just as stepping out of the box of the comfort of instant gratification, into God's ultimate love and grace, they would feel God's love. But when one is sitting in their car, they don't think about "wow this isn't the best solution, I should walk for the better." they only point out the difficulties of not walking to their destination. When someone is locked in their box with out God, they don't think "wow this isn't the best solution, I should walk with God", they only point out the difficulties of following God.

Now I'm not suggesting everyone walk everywhere, but I am suggesting that just because it can be hard to walk with God, doesn't mean that it isn't worth it in the long run. When you lock yourself in a box, you can only see what other people are experiencing, you can't feel it. It's not until you step out of your box, that you will feel the amazing grace of God, and be moved.
Are you willing to feel the presence of God?

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