Thursday, January 27, 2011

God's Sculptures

yay random flower thingy!!!
I feel like it's been decades since I posted on my blog. I've been so busy with school and such. So anyways! I will restart the "What In The World Is Meghann Wearing", I didn't take pictures everyday but the few days I did I'll put them up in one post. So this morning the sky was so beautiful with the streaks of clouds with the sun gleaming through the cracks. It just makes me think of God painting a picture of the sky every night and then putting it up for the world to see in the morning. Same with the night, he paints all day. I can just see God being a master artist, molding this world into His personal active piece of glorious art. So beautiful. When I was in ceramics yesterday, I learned that I like the class when I get to be on the wheel. Who knew that molding a slab of clay on a spinning table top with gooey, clay crusted hands could be therapeutic. I find it to be a calming way to end the day, it takes the whole class period and either you make something or you don't. If you don't well then you start all over the next day, or whenever the wheel is open again. There becomes a point in your craft that you can tell if something resembling a bowl or a mug or a vase will be the product of your work, and when you know it's not, it's so much fun to just muck with the clay. Make a weird shape or see how distorted the clay will be on a wheel. During my mini adventure with the clay in my fingers, I can only think about God molding our world, crafting it in the way He desires, perfectly. I'm God's ceramics project haha, I am his art, masterpiece, and he wouldn't spend so much time on making me the way He wants, if it wasn't worth it. When you make something worth keeping on the wheel, you feel confidence and satisfaction with yourself. It's a pretty cool feeling, I can only imagine that this is how God feels about us and this world; whether its painting the sky or shaping the mountains or sculpting us, He loves what He does.

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  1. Just Beautiful Meg! What a glorious way to look at the world. I love it and I love you!

    Aunt Rachel