Saturday, January 15, 2011


No no no no no, not Daryl, not Daniel, not Da'June and most defiantly not Dameesha, its DA-ril, its okay to get funky with it, its the only way some people remember it. I sometimes call her "Dril" just cus I say her name so fast. But she replies to almost anything, I think I called her "coffee" once, it was early in the morning walking into school, on a Wednesday, its hump day what do you want from me, and well she replied. Shes pretty magical, an amazing singer, bass player, drum player, friend, I totally have dibs sooooo shes mine! But I figured I could be generous enough to share her with the world. Well and she asked to be in my blog so this is an introduction to her.

Yes we get weirder by the photo. If you could come up with a caption for this last photo, post a comment with it haha. Don't miss my earlier post from today! 

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