Thursday, January 13, 2011

What In The World Is Meghann Wearing?

So everyday (or that is my goal) I will post a picture of what I am wearing for the day. Some of you will be slightly shocked, some will like somethings I wear, but I try and mix it up all the time. I'll also leave a description of what I'm wearing, and if it has any significance I'll share why. Feel free to comment, even if you're reaction is "What in the world is Meghann wearing?" thats okay, I enjoy those reactions

I've invested in new snazzy red lipstick, I did some simple brown/black eye shadow and two messy buns! I look like a cartoon character!

Today I decided to stick to the white, black, red color scheme. I have black tank with a Day Of Silence Shirt, a lacy skirt, with black leggings with zippers going up the side and black boots. The Day Of Silence Shirt does have significance. I am one of the officers of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), every year there is a day of silence, it is international, and its to recognize the isolation and muted voices of gay, bisexual and lesbian students who feel they can't express their sexuality or they will be bullied. Let me tell you something about myself, I am not exactly considered a quiet person. Okay thats a major understatement, I talk all the time, I laugh really really really loud and a ton, I talk louder when I get excited and it takes a lot to shut me up (except chocolate usually I'll be quiet if you put a plate of chocolate in front of me). Anyways I did the day of silence with my GSA and the rest of the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) community and any supporters. It was extremely difficult and I will admit that I slipped up and I let out an angry "no" when so many kids were trying to get me talk. I've never felt so much isolation in my life, it was a very emotional day. One of my very good friends Ieva, made a video for the day of silence and I hope we can find it and get it on Youtube, it was incredible.  Its not about the sexual orientation, its about the fact that America prides it's self on granting freedom to whom ever wishes to have it. Yet we contradict ourselves by not allowing people to feel comfortable with their orientation. They can out law sexual orientation as much as they want but it's not going to change the fact that there are people of difference sexual orientation. So what is the point to it? The Day Of Silence is on April 15th, so mark your calenders. Please visit to find out about more. On the back of my shirt it asks a question, which is what I want to leave you with, and I want you to honestly think about it, don't throw it to the side, even ask other people. What are YOU going to do to end the silence? Please comment.

A few links on the day of silence if you are curious:

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