Sunday, January 16, 2011

Super Early (for me) Good Sunday Morning

Well hi! Last night I set an alarm for 9:10, hoping it would wake me up. Well I think church gives me some kind of adrenaline rush because the last thing I remember in the little dream I was having, was going to church, and I woke up at 7:53am heart beating fast. My first thought was "hey just go back to sleep take advantage of the time" the second was "hey now you can do laundry before church yay!" Now the strange thing about this is that I rarely have the inspiration to do some kind of chore, so I took advantage of that rather than the time to sleep. I sprung out of bed, turned off my yet to go off alarm clock, turned on some mellow music for some background music, and start separating lights from darks.

Now I've been a bit church deprived this week. I couldn't go to a youth group that I usually attend on Thursdays called Thrive, because I had the opportunity to babysit. I also didn't go to the Wednesday Service either, assuming I was going to join Thrive the next day. So today I am super excited to go to church! I love the people and I feel better connected with God when I'm in his actual church. I know meeting with God shouldn't be restricted to only church, but you have to admit, you feel his presence is a lot stronger there. Its also wild to think that millions of people are meeting at this one day (at least), to experience and talk to God. Sure at any given moment you know people are praying, but on Sundays, its like an energy that sweeps through all of us Christians. I walk into the church and I can just feel the energy and excitement dancing in the room. But most of all I get swamped by this feeling of compassion, and love. Its a feeling that just hits you in the chest, it takes your breath away for a minuet and then you just feel this warm light in your core and you can feel it slowly reach your  heart, and then once it's in your heart, it just pumps through your veins. Even if I come in after a hard week, this feeling does not fail to overwhelm me. I know that when I come in with heavy burdens I can just lay them down, pour my heart out to God; and I know that if someone else comes in with heavy burdens, I am more than willing to help them talk it out and help them present it to God. Once I was talking to a friend from church, Joanna, when she was driving me to Bible Study on a Monday morning, and we were talking about praying; about how childish my first time praying was and what she imagined while she was praying. What she said has stuck with me ever since (this may not be exact quote on quote) "When I am praying to God I just imagine that I walk up to his kingdom and open up the gates and it's white with purity and I walk up to the Lord's throne and I fall on my knees before him as a daughter and just let my heart out, telling him everything, and He sits there listening to me with such love and He says to me 'I have it all under control."' Beautiful right? I just believe that everyone should pray like this, because thats what it really is, you are talking to the King of Kings! He is all power, so he can some how manage to listen to everyone at once but treat it as an individual voice and plea, not as majority, but we each have our chance for a conversation with God. How wonderful! I am so excited for church and I still have another hour and half before it starts hah! I asked my little brother and sister, Cam and Sophie, if they wanted to come with me and they said yes! I'm so excited! But now I should go fold some laundry and take a shower and get dressed and when I get back from church I will post a "What In The World Is Meghann Wearing?" Have a great Sunday morning and remember what Joanna said when you are praying today. I love the Lord!

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