Friday, January 14, 2011

Lazy, yet hyper?

At this moment, sitting in my room, I've realized that I haven't posted today, and I took a picture to post on what I was wearing. However, that camera is upstairs and I'm sitting in my amazingly comfortable bed, and upstairs sounds like a very very far walk right now and stairs does not help the case. SOOOOOOOO  I will just have to post the picture tomorrow haha. Right now I have the urge to run around in circles, hands in the air, SCREAMING! But in that same breath I could pass out cold. What to do? Well I can't scream, the neighbors would be angry. Hah and you know, its not a big deal that half the house is sleeping, no biggie. But hey a little freak out for the neighbors might be fun, maybe the people that live in my backyard are having a romantic moment and they hear my banshee scream so they pull back the curtains and they see me flailing around like an electrocuted octopus, and then the moment would be ruined. Oh good times. Maybe I will do that when its not below zero and theres not a sheet of ice covered with two feet of snow on the porch. Bummer, I guess I will just have to pass out, so maybe I should end this post before I fall asleep on top of my keyboard and head type a billion of random letters! Goodnight!

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