Saturday, January 15, 2011

What In The World Is Meghann Wearing? #2 (yesterday)

So yesterday I came home to my computer that decided to have a mini freak out, it wouldn't even let me open  the Start Menu. I figured I shouldn't tell my parents right away (mom who I know is reading this) because they already believe I have a magic touch of killing electronics; I'm it's own personal kryptonite, or spilled glass of water. Sooooo I managed to start a little virus scan and I'm not sure how it works but my computer was functioning perfectly by the end of the night yay! I owe you a pic of what I was wearing yesterday, (read my last post on why I didn't post right when my computer started to like me again), nothing too exciting haha, but each of the pieces I find difficult to describe. I mean honestly how would you describe that pattern of pants? I'm not even sure of what fabric they are, they are most defiantly not jeans, but they are stretchy, but not like leggings.  I don't know, maybe you could describe it as a printer's throw up, the printer freaked out because of how much it had to print, so it just spewed out slices of paper, some with ink some with out, so you have this weird edgy pattern. As for the shirt, well its a bit more elegant. The red-orange top is strapless and is skin tight except for the extra piece of fabric draped across me. This little piece of fabric may seem useless to people who don't care for the stylish effect, however it is perfect to wrap up a little kitten, you now have a pouch, like a kangaroo, and if the kitten stays quiet you can sneak it away to your house! For you non-cat people, there are always small dogs. Now for the gray sweater thing, it matched and its cold outside. Simple, rather boring, but hey it could become extra warmth to you, and for the kitten/small dog in your pouch. Hurray! 

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