Monday, November 7, 2011

How I Live

How I Breathe
By: Meghann Gutierrez

This I believe,
            My life is my breath,
I breathe in the present,
For the present is all I have,
            It’s all I have.
The past is merely a memory,
The future—a dream.
An illusion.
But the present is alive!
Flowing through my body,
Like the oxygen I breathe.
            Breathe in the present.
Smell it’s incents, and—
Before I know it… I’m exhaling,
Moving on to the next breath.

So make that breath last!
Take it in fully!
It’s movement!
It’s life!
Make that breath last.
For how I breathe,
Is how I live.
Don’t hold your breath,
For the dream,
Or the memory!
And I won’t hold mine.
Be alive with me,
For this I believe,
            Our breath is our life. 

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