Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love Poems

This New Canvas
By: Meghann Gutierrez
My hooves scrape the
Forest floor, creeping my way forward,
Air gliding over my immensely arched spine,
My ears twitching, bowed nose sniffing, searching for warning,
Skeptical of the cool dirt ground beneath my four,
White speckled, elegant legs.

I encounter this mystifying ground-
Should I cross?
Branded with patterned dashes.
Clip- clop, Clip- clop:
My hooves compose music on this modernistic
Black river of stone.
It feels steady. Even safe.
Abruptly the black air is lit,
My neck snaps to see where the
Source originates and it's--


Shinning brilliantly my eyes dilate absorbing you
Entranced by your beauty I cease on this sturdy asphalt neck stretched
Up with attentive ears captivated with your soft hum as you plummet towards me
The cool forest wind licking my fur I can be safely and vulnerably hypnotized
Your light shining brighter and brighter swelling inflating me and
My legs are locked but my heart bolts--

You tear, right,
Through me. Cripple me.
To the ground. I lay here.
Frigid air nibbling at my cracked bones.
Organs smeared.  
As if my-- blood.
Were paint worked
Into this asphalt.
For this... new canvas.
My heart now embedded-- on this highway.
Revealing, our anecdote.
For all. To. See...
My neck is twisted.
Toward the direction you fled.
To watch. You. Leave.--
Your light dwindling.

It dawns on me that I was never safe it was an illusion so I promise that
Next time I'll be sure to look both ways before I decide it's safe to step out onto the road...

So after Stephen broke up with me as luck would have it, the next assignment in my creative writing class was a love poem. My first reaction was "Really cus I feel like I just got hit by a car..." hey maybe I could go off of that, so I did. This is my version of a love poem. Then I showed it to my Video Production teacher and he pretty much told me that I could drop all the assignments that he gives me and just do a huge project on it if I wanted to, so I went home and started drawing up a story board, hopefully I will have it done before I have to turn in my applications for colleges because this would be super cool to have in my portfolio. Thanks for reading, tell me what you think. 

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