Friday, April 22, 2011

Country Dancing

I know, when you first hear it, you think "hick", "lame", "nerd", or whatever, BUT country dancing has to be the funnest kind of dance I have done ever! I went to a country dancing club in Utah just the other night, and I didn't know anything. My friend from church just told me to stand on the side of the dance floor and wait for someone to ask you to dance. I had a bunch of people ask me to dance and as each one pulled me onto the dance floor I told them I didn't know what the heck I was doing. Each of them nicely taught me some basic moves, everything from the dip to the window to the candlestick and the basic in and out and spins. One finally started to teach me some lifts and fancy dips, I was practically flying! If I wasn't spinning I was twirling, if I wasn't twirling I was going in circles, if I wasn't going in circles I was flying! I had to put my trust in these random people that they wouldn't drive me into a wall because I was being led, I haven't had the experience of being led in a dance before. Just be a malleable dancer who moves in the direction in which she is moved to. It was so much fun, I laughed the whole time. One boy said to me "you have too much energy to be left at the side of the dance floor" and he danced with me the most, he even asked at one point "are you a dancer" and I told him yes but not a partner dancer or a country dancer, just lyrical and jazz and a little bit of hip hop. He pointed out how far I could kick my leg with one lift. I really wish I could see how high I was getting because it felt high. It was so much fun. And you would think line dancing would get boring but trying to catch on was tons of fun, I got a few of them halfway through each song. It was way more fun than just shaking your butt and grinding up on someone, there were actual steps and you could mix them up as much as you want, it was completely exhilarating! So much fun I can't say it enough! I even got in for free for being a "Colorado Girl". I really want to go again and find a place like that near home! So MUCH FUN!! For those of you who haven't tried it should try it, even if you don't like country music or know how to country dance, honestly its worth looking in to!

A Side Note: There was a random guy though who was twirling around glow sticks. Honestly glow sticks and country aren't the best mix, it's quite funny. I can see head lines now "Country Gone To A New Level" and have a guy in a cowboy hat and boots twirling around neon glow sticks!

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