Friday, April 29, 2011

Ten Reasons Why It Should Stop Snowing

I just took this picture, I know I live in a mountain town but come on!
1. The birdies will be confused and think it's winter and go away.
2. I would very much like to start seeing more than the color white, I feel like I'm in an insane asylum, I need color or you will need to send me to an insane asylum.
3. I need to get some sun on my legs, they are so white they literally reflect the sun, and I'm supposed to be Mexican, those genes obviously didn't make the cut.
4. The snow will make my mother depressed and thats no good, so snow; CUT IT OUT.
5. The mountain is closed therefore the snow is useless.
6. I just got a pair of flip flops and I would enjoy if I could wear them before the end of the school year.
7. I would like to walk down my ridiculously steep driveway with out fearing I'm going to slip and die.
8. I would like to be able to find shapes in clouds on a sunny day while I'm sitting in class day dreaming instead of seeing this big blob of white.
9.  My winter coat's zipper has broken so obviously its a cosmic sign that the snow must go away.
10. I have lost my liking for snow.

My mom was telling me about some funny things people have posted on facebook about the snow, here are a few:
-"Old Man Winter you'd think at youre age you'd head to the desert for some sun and fun. Now scram!"
-"Mother Nature, It's becoming painfully obvious you have not been checking the suggestion box!"
-"Snow gods! Please save some for next year!"
And I said " I think spring is lying to me, it's secretly winter regardless of what angle the earth is at."
and " yea winter needs to get over it's self and share some of the spotlight with the other seasons GOSH!"

Have anything to say about winter? Post a comment. And pray the snow will go away! 

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