Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Resurrection

Today really is showing me how unstable and capricious I am. I am doing a balancing act on a tall, rickety, cracked, temperamental, tower whipping around in a thunder storm. It is so easy to fall back and forth between being superfluously happy and distraughtly depressed. Which is entirely scary when you're in the storm of the world, telling you to be this and be that and do this and do that. I'm so fragile. It's interesting how when I try to hold on to the physical things of the world I slip more to the point where I am hanging on the edge of the tower. If I would just look up I would see Jesus reaching out to me to stabilize me and be my strength. That if I would just reach over I would be moved to a new tower, a tower of hope and love and joy and strength.

Today I have been feeling the tug of the world. Even though this day is incredibly happy. I went to church in the best mood possible, just filled with the joy of Easter, but I came home and its like a cloud sank in around me. Unexplained. And I am so tempted to just sit in my sullen mood and just let it swallow me, but if I just look up and look into the love Jesus has shown me.

Before being a Christian I never truly understood the point of Easter. I mean how could I? I didn't know Jesus. To me and to so many people Easter is just another holiday to give gifts and eat exuberant amounts of candy, and for stores to milk major money out of customers. A time to let imaginations of children fly with the idea of a bunny going all around the world leaving eggs filled with candy for a special hunt and baskets full of treats.

But no! That isn't what easter is about! Easter is the most important holiday and time in history for the world! It's Jesus' resurrection! Without this day, the whole entire Christian religion would be in vain! This is the beautiful day that Jesus conquered the grave! And He gave us hope all over again, and proved that He was the son of God! That He is the way to heaven, and He loves us so much! This day is so joyful and exciting and brilliant over all.

Jesus died on the cross, went down into the grave, and on Sunday, he rose from the dead! This is a reflection of the life he has granted me, and has given the same opportunity for everyone. He is reaching out to everyone on the unstable, rickety, towers that sway in the storms of the world. He wants us to be engulfed in his love. It is a reminder of my brokenness and my hurt before I knew Jesus and how he gave me a new life, gave me the power to rise from that and lead a new life.

So I wish everyone a happy Easter and remember how great this day is! Don't get lost in the commercial view of the holiday.

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