Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shoe Fetish

I blame prom. But really I can't blame anyone but myself, I love shoes. I usually don't want to spend money on shoes but I had money and I saw shoes. At first I just was going to buy my prom shoes:
Black pumps with sparkles all over! Its like those fake princess shoes little girls wear that are covered in sparkles only adultified! When I was shopping with my aunt we found a pair of cute little strappy heals with a bow on the side, but when I saw these and put them on, I broke out in a happy dance and pranced around the store, "So are these the ones?" my Aunt asked, and all I could do in response was jump around in glee. Then I realized the need for flats because when I went country dancing I was dancing barefooted all night, which isn't really an issue for me but maybe for running around town I should have a pair of flats that weren't completely worn through and torn. So I started to look on for a pair of cheep cute flats, and well then I came across these:
OOO YAY! They are so pretty!! AND! Only $30!!!! So I bought them, I simply couldn't resist. But they wont be here for another "10-13 business days". Hopefully I can wait till then. But of course I still need the flats that I was originally hunting. Then I went over to the Rue 21 in down town and was with my little sister so she could keep me in line and remind me what I was really shopping for. I told her to "KEEP ME AWAY FROM THE PRETTY HEALS!!!!" and when ever we were near them she would say "MEG! DON'T TURN AROUND! WALK AWAY!" so I could skip away without seeing the tempting pretty shoes. I eventually came out of the store with these:
 Pretty, simple, black, "goes with anything", flats. Just what I needed. Now I am not allowed to go near any more shoe stores for a couple months, which is great because I live in the mountain town where the only store that doesn't cost $200 per item is Wal-Mart. Yay....... But I should be safe unless I suddenly gain the skill to teleport to and from random places like Harry Potter in the Deathly Hallows. But in all honesty I would probably teleport to somewhere like California rather than a pretty shoe store because I have my family and one of my best friends out there. So if anyone knows how to teleport, please contact me and let me know how and I would be greatly thankful and will give you an autographed 30 Second To Mars CD cover. (Yes autographed by the band not me, unless you want my autograph I'd gladly give that too :D)

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